Hear from Our Huge List of Satisfied Customers!

Hi Debbie - The pillowcases I ordered arrived today.  They are adorable!  I couldn't be happier with your work - thank you!!  Pam from Illinois

Hi Debbie - I received the pillowcase today in the mail.  It is adorable - my niece will love it!  She is a special needs child and loves horses.  I know she will love the pillowcase.  Thanks so much!  Cheryl from Texas

Over the past 14 years I have ordered tooth fairy pillows from you for my three grandsons, and although they just lost their last baby teeth and used your pillows for the last time, their pillows have remainedHello Debbie - Over the past 14 years I have ordered tooth fairy pillows from you for my three grandsons, and although they just lost their last baby teeth and used your pillows for the last time, their pillows have remained on their beds or their dressers.

I now have a granddaughter who will begin losing her baby teeth, so I ordered her pillow tonight.  My husband and I are now retired north of Charlotte, North Carolina, but when I ordered from you in the past, I lived in Colleyville, Texas.  I think I met you in Atlanta at the Yellow Daisy Festival back in the early 2000’s, and was surprised to hear you were a neighbor of mine in Grapevine!

I am so glad you are still making these sweet pillows.  In some way, you have been a part of my grandchildren’s lives!  And when our brand new grandson approaches 5 years old, I will order one final pillow from you.  Thank you!  Phyllis from Texas AND North Carolina

Hi Debbie!   I received the pillow yesterday and she lost her 1st tooth today!!!   What great timing!!!   The pillow is just adorable and I can't wait to see her smile in the morning!!   Thank you again for putting a rush on it for me!!!   Marcia in Illinois

Hi Debbie - I received the pillowcases today and they were great!   Thank you very much!!  Glenn in Washington

Incidentally, Jacob loves, loves, loves the truck and the firetruck pillowcases.   He is an absolute angel, so you have succeeded in making an angel smile. :o)  Andrew in Ohio

Woohoo Debbie - thanks again for all of your help and for agreeing to put the little extra love from me to each of my precious grandchildren’s pillowcases.   Another thank you for giving me the extra 10% off - these 7 grandchildren about break me around Christmas, Easter, birthdays, back to school, Halloween, Valentines, etc., plus you always have the “just because” times…LOL!  Sandra in Texas

Debbie - you're the greatest!  I've told lots of 'grandmas' about the fabulous pillows you offer on your website.  They didn't even know about Tooth Fairy Pillows until I told them!  Marianne in Florida

I wanted to let you know the pillowcases were a big hit with my grandchildren. They were all so thrilled to receive them. Thanks for getting them to me on time for our Christmas celebration.   Colleen in Minnesota

Hi Debbie, I wanted to tell you I received the pillows today and absolutely loved them. I decided to order two more for my granddaughters who I have ordered tooth fairy pillows for from you in the past.  Kelly in Colorado

These 3 pillows I received today are just as fabulous as my last order was!  Teri in New York

The 3 pillows arrived today and are very cute. Will order again upon arrival of next great grandchild whenever (although this time I included 2 neighbor girls). Thanks - I love these for gift ideas and they arrive so quickly you can order them the last minute.  Phyllis in Virginia

Debbie - received the embroidered pillow - LOVE IT!  Joan in Florida

The tooth fairy pillow has arrived. I am very pleased with your prompt service and the quality of the product. I have shared your website with several friends.  Thanks so much, Sharon in Florida

Dear Debbie, received the pillows today ... they are absolutely adorable!!!  Thank you so very much!  Sharon in California

I love love ALL of the pillowcases.   Thank you for all of your efforts and prompt delivery.   Kim in Texas

Debbie, thank you!!!!  My 3 Grandchildren received their "tooth-fairy" pillows yesterday - they were so excited!!!!  Their Mom told them I was able to call the "tooth fairy" and that is why she sent them those beautiful pillows.  Wanted to let you know you made 3 little ones so very excited and happy.  God's Blessing, Mary in Illinois

Debbie, I just got the pillowcases and they are adorable - thanks!!   Susie in Florida

Debbie, Kenzi’s pillowcase arrived - way ahead of schedule.   It is just adorable!  A million thanks!  Kiki in Texas

Debbie, thank you so much for the letter from Santa.  My Grandchildren received it last week and were so happy.  What a nice thing to offer.  Have a very Merry Christmas!  Shirley in Texas

Thanks Debbie, received my pillow today - it looks great!   As always, it was a big hit!  The letter is the finishing touch!!  Next time I need a girl pillow I will give you a call.   Thanks again for shipping at such a short notice.   Barbara in Alabama

The pillows are so cute!  Thank you very much.   Gloria in Missouri

Debbie, the pillows arrived on Saturday in time to go to South Africa with my grandchildren. They were thrilled and carried them around all day. I am so pleased with the workmanship and the quality of the pillows. They were even cuter than they appeared on line. My son-in-law was even impressed. I will be contacting you again when I have more grandchildren. Thank you for making the effort to get them to me so quickly. Have a wonderful 4th!  Missy in Tennessee

Debbie, I want to tell you how very pleased I am with the beautiful pillowcases.  I have ordered 4 of them - 3 for gifts and 1 for myself, "It's all about me!", kind of my trade mark.   Everyone loves them and I think they make great gifts.  What girl wouldn't love a pillowcase with her name on it?  Thanks for the great quality of your items!  Linda from Illinois

I just placed the order for the Santa book, and when I spoke with you earlier today, you said you could put the Santa Letter in with the order.  I would like to thank you for calling me back and allowing me to still receive the Santa Letter although it was after the deadline.  That kind of customer service is very rare these days!  Thank you again!!  Shari in Louisiana

First of all, I want to say that I am so happy with my pillowcase orders.  I was in the hospital when they arrived, and it was the highlight of my day to open them!!  Can't wait to see everyone's face when they open them for Christmas!  Thanks for my getting my order here so quickly.  I am looking forward to being able to place future orders with your company!  Cindy in New York

Your pillowcases have been a hit with us for years!  Karen in Massachusetts

I received the pillowcases this week and I love them!  I've already sent your website out to several friends.  So glad I found your site!  Sherri in Kentucky

Hi Debbie!  I must thank you so much for letting me place an order.  I know you don't normally ship to Australia, but the pillowcases are all brilliant, fantastic!  I am just so pleased with them.  You have such a great product, I can’t wait to give them out at Christmas to my nieces, nephews, and some friends - it is something special they can keep. Once again, many thanks.  Barbara in Australia

Chapin loved his tooth fairy pillow!  You do a fantastic job ... we really loved the letter and "fairy dust".  Thanks for making this moment so special!  Carol in Texas

I just received the pillowcase and it's perfect!!!  I purchased this pillowcase for my 3 year old nephew who had a brain tumor removed last week and we just found out the tumor was cancerous, so he will be spending a lot of time in bed and he loves firetrucks, so this pillowcase is going to a very special little boy.  Thanks so much!!   Kim in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for sending out these personalized letters from the Easter Bunny for your customers.  I just received an email from my cousin.  She has three little ones and I had this letter sent to them.  They had just gotten back from breakfast with the Easter Bunny on Saturday when they received their letter in the mail.  They were so excited!!  They keep taking turns walking around the house and holding their letter!!  Thanks for helping keep some "fun" and joy in the Easter holiday!!  Amy  in Kentucky

I ordered a pillow for my grandson Avery, and he loves it.  He thinks the Tooth Fairy sent it to him.  My sister was so happy with it, she ordered one for her grandson, Tristan, last week.  Thank you for believing in make believe!!  Niki in Oregon

I bought the "Sweet Bunny Dreams" pillowcase for Meredith (age 6) and she loves it.  She told me that it helps her get a good night's sleep - thanks again!  Sharon in North Carolina

We received Jonathan's "Ocean" tooth fairy pillow yesterday and he loves it!!  The quality is better than expected and the personalization looks great - thanks!!  Renee in Kentucky

You continue to brighten my day.  I love doing business with you.  Thank you so much for your continued dedication to these special events for our children.  David in New Jersey

My granddaughter Mackenna loves her tooth fairy pillow!  She carries it around with her everywhere!  I just want you to know that I have passed your website on to some friends with grandchildren and I know for sure I will use you again for the Super Heroes book and a boy's tooth fairy pillow in a few more years.  Thanks!!  Mary in New York

I just want to tell you that this was one of the most clever items that I have ever gotten for my grandchildren. There are 2 more after the oldest (for whom I bought the tooth fairy pillow) that will be receiving their own pillows . . . you have a great idea and I applaud you. The letter from the Tooth Fairy was the perfect thing for a 5 year old to receive!!!  Sincerely, Nancy in Connecticut

Thank you so much for all you do!  I received the Tooth Fairy Pillow today that I ordered for my son.  I LOVE IT!  I will pass your website along to my friends.  Again, thank you!  Chastity in Texas

Thank you so much for the free Santa letter - she will love getting it.  Also, we LOVE the Ladybugs tooth fairy pillow we bought from you just a week ago ... it came just in time.  The day it arrived my daughter lost her tooth.  Thank you and I know we will order from you again and refer your site to our friends and family.  Heather in North Carolina

I love the pillowcases - you'll see more of me.   Thank you!  Leyla in Massachusetts

Hey, we got the pillow Saturday!!  My daughter got it out of the mail box and tore it open.  She was so excited to get a pillow and letter from the tooth fairy.  She has not lost her tooth yet but it is loose!!  Just wanted to thank you so much, you totally made her day!  She had to show all her friends and call all the grandmas and grandpas to tell them the tooth fairy was friends with her dentist!  LOL - thank you!  Denice in Louisiana

THANKS  so very much for this precious pillow that I will be giving my nephew for Christmas.  Emily in Alabama

Debbie, what a class act!!!  I will pass your site on to all I know who have grandchildren or special little ones in their lives!  Thank you so very, very much!  My regards, Elaine in Massachusetts

I received the two tooth fairy pillows for my granddaughters.  I want to thank you and tell you they are adorable.  For once, I got what I expected , and even more.  In this day and age it is a delightful surprise.  Anna in California

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL pillows!  I LOVE them and can't wait to give them as gifts this Christmas.  I will be sure to forward your website along to friends and family!  Sue in California

The pillowcases are beautiful.  Your dedication to quality and customer service is much appreciated.  Renee in Texas

I did a search for "tooth fairy pillow" and came across your site.  I loved the variety of pillows!  All types of animals, hobbies, and sports that young children could have an interest in are on the pillows.  They are the cutest accessory to a bedroom and are sure to impress the parents of the child you are buying for as well!  Nicole from New York

Several weeks ago I ordered 3 pillowcases - Have Fun at Camp.  We were going camping and our grandchildren were going to join us.  I got the idea that I wanted to give them pillows, so I found your website and saw the Camp pillowcases.  It was a last minute thing and I thought I probably would not get them on time, but due to your kindness, I had them to go.  Thank you so very much, and by the way, they love them.  They are sooooooooooooooooo cute!!  Sandy from Colorado

What great service!!  I ordered the tooth pillows on Friday, got them on Monday, took them over to my grandsons on Tuesday - AND - on my way home from my visit, the oldest grandson, age 6, called and said he pulled his tooth.  It was PERFECT timing!!  And the boys loved their pillows.  I have one more grandson - he's only 1 - so once I find out what he likes or what his hobby is, I will be ordering a pillow for him.  Thank you!!  Sherri in California

Hi Debbie - Our little grandchildren really love the tooth fairy pillows and the personalized pillowcases!   Rose in Maryland

Hi Debbie - We received the pillowcases a few days ago – THEY ARE PERFECT!  Thank you!  My daughter thinks I am “mom of the year” even though all I did was point and click – but I will take it.  I will most definitely recommend you, and when needed, order again!  Sharon in Georgia

I have been a preferred customer of Sharp Creations since ordering my first pillows for Makena and Hunter, some 5+ years ago.  Thank you again for putting this idea (monthly discount coupons) into practice.  You do quite a wonderful job!  Liz in South Carolina

Debbie, I just wanted to let you know that I ordered this pillow for my 5 year old niece who lost her first tooth last week.  It arrived yesterday and she loved it!  She asked me if I bought it from the tooth fairy and if the tooth fairy wrote her name on the pillow :-)
I remember having a special tooth fairy pillow when I was about her age so I wanted her to have something special as well.  I was so happy to find your website.  I have two more nieces and a nephew so I'll definitely be visiting your site again in the future.  Thank you so much!  Kim in Michigan

Thank you so much for sending the adorable tooth fairy pillow so quickly.  You took the extra time to make sure it got here before my son lost his first tooth!  It is absolutely precious, and we can't wait to use it.  I will be ordering for my other son soon!  Betsy from California

Thank you for your timely response.  I appreciate the quality and pride you take in your business.
Jen in Indiana

Hi Debbie, thank you so much for the Tooth Fairy Pillows!  They are great!  Unfortunately, my daughter's tooth fell out the same day I placed the order :(  Oh well, there's always next time.  I will be using the pillows as stocking stuffers.  Thank you for your prompt service.  Jamie in California

You do have a very special product, and the Tooth Fairy letter is great!  My grandson loved his tooth pillow, and was so excited when he received a "letter from the Tooth Fairy" on the day he lost his first tooth!  Thanks for being creative!  Lori in California

Here's a new tooth fairy pillow order for you.  I have another granddaughter arriving in November, so you will hear from me again.  By the way, my other 2 granddaughters LOVED their tooth fairy pillows, as well as the letters.  Thank you for such a creative and beautiful product!  Terry in New York

I will be telling my "Grandma" friends to get their tooth fairy pillows from the Tooth Fairy Pillow Shoppe!  Now when my granddaughter's friends see and love her tooth pillow, my daughter will be able to give them your website.  Thanks for being so creative!  Lori in California

I have two other boys who have your tooth pillows!!  We LOVE them.  Tom in Wisconsin

I love the styles and variety of themes in your tooth fairy pillows - no one else has anything like yours!  Cherry from Florida

Please send my order ASAP!  Her first tooth is about to come out and I just discovered your adorable tooth fairy pillows - thank you!!  Heather from Florida

I just ordered tooth fairy pillows for my twin daughters.  Your tooth pillow choices are wonderful!  June from Virginia

I received my order today and I love the towel and the pillow.  I plan to order something for my infant grandchildren next - thank you!  Cassie from Virginia

I got my tooth pillow for my great-nephew Gus, and it is adorable!  Am waiting to send it off for his 5th birthday - thanks!!  Suzanne from Arizona

I have to tell you about our tooth pillow experience.  We had ordered our 6 year-old son the sports tooth pillow for his birthday to surprise him.  Well, the surprise came to us because the tooth didn't wait that long!

Luckily, the mailman delivered the package to our door about 30 minutes before his tooth fell out!!  It was so cute.  He stood there with his tooth in his hand and said, "What are we going to do with it?"  I said, "Come here."  I handed him the package to open.  He was so excited to put his tooth in the pocket and talked the rest of the day about the Tooth Fairy!  Thank you for your quick shipping so that moment could be possible!  Carrie from Indiana

I love the pillows!!  I haven't given them to my kids yet because they are Valentines gifts, but they are adorable and I just know they are going to love them!  They are great quality and having their names on them just adds that extra touch to make them really special - plus you processed this so fast I could hardly believe it.  Thank you!  I can't wait for my kids to use them.  I will absolutely recommend you to everyone I know!!  Kendall in Pennsylvania

Hi, Debbie!  I have just placed another order with your company.  I got the first set of fish pillowcases for a "girls" trip to Key West.  We had a rental house and I slipped them on the pillows before everyone else got there.  They were thrilled!  Imagine ... grown women getting so excited about cutesy pillowcases with their names on them!!  Well, after that great response, I decided I'd better try to get some more for a Florida family vacation.  Thanks for such a creative product.  I'll be passing your card along to one of my co-workers as well.  Laura in Washington, DC

Wanted to let you know the items I ordered arrived, and we are very pleased with them.  I am sure we will order from your company in the future.  Thank you!  JoAnn in New Mexico

Debbie, I received the custom Cheer pillows.  I love them, and I'm sure the girls will too!  Amanda in Pennsylvania

I just received the 20 personalized Cheer travel pillowcases for our team - and they look WONDERFUL - Thanks Debbie, and Merry Christmas!  Kim in Texas

My daughter lost her first tooth last week, and my youngest will be starting to lose hers soon as well.  I know they will love these tooth pillows!  Now we have one of each kind of your pillows for each girl (standard, toddler, and tooth pillows) - we love them!  Sherri in Oklahoma

We've had our pillowcases for 6 years now - and are STILL washing them and sleeping on them - thanks for a truly quality product!  Jenny in Indiana

I received the pillowcases today - they are so cute!  Thank you!  Amanda in Mississippi

We still have all the pillows we bought from you and love them!  The boys sleep with them every night!  Staci in Ohio

I just bought 6 pillowcases from you for Christmas this year and they are SO cute - I know the kids will love them - thanks!  Jeanette in Kentucky

Hello Debbie!  I am a return customer, and I am so happy that your beautiful pillowcases are still available.  I look forward to receiving the travel pillows and precious pillowcases.  You and your company do such a beautiful job!  Patti in Missouri

Thank you for all your work putting this custom pillowcase project together for me while you are so busy.  I need more of your business cards.  One of my friends was here when I opened my original order from you and he wanted your card to get his granddaughter a pillowcase and a tooth fairy pillow.  Your creations are going to make this Christmas very special.  Thanks again!  Joyce from Illinois

I love the pillows - thanks for your help!  Paula from Texas

Debbie, you just sent my grandson, Jasen, a firetruck tooth fairy pillow with a letter from the Tooth Fairy, and I just want to thank you so very much, because I just told him the other night that the Tooth Fairy visited him and wondered where his tooth was, and that letter that came with it was just so perfect and he was so excited and I just wanted to thank you so very much for your beautiful creations.  I have a lot of people who are going to be ordering from you!  Thank you again, Debbie, for the tooth fairy pillow.  Traci from California

Debbie, I just received my pillowcase, and it is just great - thank you!  Gayle from Maryland

Debbie, my son lost his first tooth yesterday at camp, and when we came home, his tooth pillow had arrived.  He was very excited, and loved the letter that went along with it.  Thanks for being a part of our tooth-losing experience!  Hallie from Ohio

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the tooth pillow.  We got it yesterday and my daughter loved it!  The bonus was the note from the Tooth Fairy, which was a nice surprise!! My daughter truly thought this was cool, along with the special fairy dust.  Anyway, I wanted to thank you for that kind added gesture.  I will be recommending your site to my friends!  Jen from Illinois

Thank you for your great service!  Darlene in Idaho

Thank you, Debbie!  We received the Tooth Fairy Pillow on Thursday and my son just loves it!  We waited until the pillow came to put his tooth in it.  He was very excited this morning to get something from the Tooth Fairy - thanks again!!  Karen in Ohio

Thanks for your great customer service!  Leanore from Washington

Thanks so much!  My daughter lost her tooth yesterday so I told her I talked to the Tooth Fairy and that she is to wait until her new pillow from the Tooth Fairy comes - she is SO excited - thanks again!  Jodi from North Carolina

Thank you very much for the fast and excellent service regarding my grandkids' pillowcases and tooth fairy order!  Joyce from Illinois

We've ordered from you before, but lost one of the pillows on a trip, so now we are replacing it.  We love them!  Melanie from Florida

Hi Debbie, I received the tooth pillow for my son yesterday, and I must say the pictures online do not do justice to the quality and overall look of the product - I am SO very pleased!  Thank you so much for this very special pillow.  I will be sharing this site with ALL my friends! Kathleen in Georgia

Debbie, I received the custom pillow on Friday - thank you so much - it's perfect!  And I'm sure "King Cameron" will love it.  Yvette in Louisiana

These tooth fairy pillows are adorable!  And I just LOVE the way you personalize them - it is SO cute - thanks again!!  Jennie in Indiana

I'm ordering more Hockey pillowcases - they are such a huge hit!  Julie in Michigan

Hi Debbie - thanks so much!  I just got the tooth fairy pillow for Matthew and it was so cute, I just had to get another for his friend McKenna who is also losing a tooth - Happy Holidays!  Angie in North Carolina

Hi Debbie - I am not sure how to thank you!!!!!  I think this custom pillowcase is going to be the #1 gift this year.  My 9 year old daughter has had her friends question Saint Nicholas.  She believes - and I think still wants to believe.  We want her to still believe.  It is one of the innocent, fun things that we hope to continue for a long while.  You have made it happen.  I will keep your info and keep you in mind for all future needs.  I will also let friends know. Please know I am so grateful for the time and energy you put into designing the pillow and getting it to us so quick.  May you and your family have a blessed 2007!  Melanie from New York

These tooth pillows are just precious, and my 5-year old just found out yesterday that he has two loose teeth.  Thanks for a great product offering!  Angie in North Carolina

Thank you SO much - the custom pillows you made for me are wonderful!  I can't wait to give them to the boys - thanks again for the great work!  Joni in North Dakota

Thank you so much for these tooth fairy pillows.  They are for my 4 adopted children who have never even heard of a tooth fairy pillow!  I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning - again, thank you for sharing your talents!  Debra in Washington

Taylor Ray called last week to tell me that she had her first loose tooth and, according to her, it was "very, very loose", I hit the computer and went into action to find a pillow.  A big event such as this should have fanfare!  It hasn't come out yet, so I have time to get this most important pillow to her.  By the way, it's absolutely adorable and I love the letter - great touch!  I'll carry around your card with the actual picture on it ... that's a good idea ... and will show it to others.  I'll also be sure to give out the other two cards you enclosed.  Hopefully, it will yield further sales for you.  Thanks again!  Maureen from New Jersey

Debbie, I've been a customer for years and just want you to know that I love your product and so do all of my nieces and nephews!  Julie in Michigan

Thank you for sending my order so quickly - I can see why your business is doing so well!!!  Patti in Missouri

Debbie, I received the tooth pillow I ordered from you last week, and I just have to tell you that it is BETTER than I expected!  I bought it for my niece, and had it delivered in her name so she would believe that it came from the Tooth Fairy.  She called everyone in the family to let them know what the Tooth Fairy brought to her.  The personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy to her was perfect, too!  Trinity was so excited she even brought it to my house over the weekend.  She has not lost her tooth yet, but she is ready now more than ever.  Thank you so much for corresponding with me over the course of the shipment.  I really appreciate everything you have done and you can expect future orders from me!  Jessica in Florida

Hi Debbie!  Just wanted to let you know how excited we were about our tooth pillow!  I thought I would be able to find one at a specialty store in town, but I called around and had no luck and was running out of time.

The day I ordered from you, I realized my son's tooth may come out before the pillow came, so I called you to expedite shipping.  You sent it Priority, and sure enough, on Thursday when I picked him up from school, someone had bumped him in the mouth and his tooth came out.  But then, low and behold, as we pulled into the driveway, there was the package on the front porch.  It was fate - thanks so much!  The letter from the Tooth Fairy was a big hit, too.  Thanks again for helping to make this rite-of-passage a special one!  Carla in California

Thank you!  We received the tooth pillow, and it is so adorable!  We actually got the pillow the very day my daughter lost her tooth ... it just added to the magic!!  Thanks - Audra in Virginia

I just wanted to tell you how much my grandchildren are enjoying their pillows!  They were gifts to them for Christmas and they are perfect!  Our little ones are at the perfect age for them and they are pulling out their teeth just so they can have the Tooth Fairy come.  Really cute stuff, Debbie ... you go girl!  Happy Nanny in Ohio

I love your pillowcases - I ordered 15 for Christmas presents last year and they were a huge hit!  I also love the add-on items, like the ballet and dance charm bracelets - thanks!  Tricia in Maryland

I just wanted to say thank you for the adorable pillowcase!  It goes great in my son's room and adds a nice personal touch.  And what a quick turnaround!  I had it in like 3 or 4 days of ordering - thanks so much!  Staci in California

I received the pillows today - they are perfect ... SO CUTE!  Thank you for all your help.  I have your website on my Favorites and I will order again!  Leigh in Tennessee

You give excellent service!  I will be ordering again soon.  Patricia in Illinois

Hi Debbie - I received my order yesterday morning.  Once again, everything is great - thanks!  Beverly in Texas

Debbie, thank you for making my fundraiser a true success.  I appreciate your professionalism and the quality of your product.  Everyone who received the pillowcases thought they were unique, creative, and beautiful.  Thanks also for your immediate feedback on questions, as well as your outstanding support.  I will definitely have another fundraiser!  Shawn in North Carolina

I just wanted to tell you how happy my daughters are with their new Tooth Fairy pillows!  They are so beautiful!  I am going to tell my friends and family about your site!  Thanks so much!  Michelle from California

Hey there!  I just wanted to let you know that Ryan lost his first tooth and was SOOOOOOO excited to have the Tooth Fairy Pillow!!  We had gotten it years ago (through one of your promotions when he was only 2 or 3), and I don't think he really "got it" until now!!  How thrilled he was when the Tooth Fairy not only left him the money, but also a note right inside the pocket.  He has not put the pillow down since!  One sad note ... we think he swallowed the tooth (it was never found), so it was extra nice having the Tooth Pillow so the Tooth Fairy would still find him!  Again - thank you!  Staci in Ohio

Hi Debbie!  Things have been so busy here that I have not had a moment's time until now to sit down and write you to tell you how wonderful your products are - and YOU for shipping those so fast to me!  I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of my order - for the fast ship time, and for such great products in your tooth fairy pillows.  I am sure I'll call upon you again to re-order these AND the "I Love You" message pillows.  Thanks again - I really enjoyed my first order with you!  Sherri in Tennessee

Hi Debbie!  I meant to write this last week.  Thank you for the beautiful pillow and super fast shipping.  My daughter loves it!  Now if only that darn tooth would fall out - thanks again!  Laura in Indiana

Debbie, I just got my order in the mail today and love it!!!  I ordered a custom pillowcase and a personalized book for my nephew's First Communion.  Thanks so much.  These gifts will be a hit - I will definitely order from you again!  Jodi in Wisconsin

Just wanted to let you know that we got the personalized Easter Bunny letter ... and the boys LOVED it!!!  As Ryan was opening it, he said, "See Mommy?  The Easter Bunny always remembers to write us!"  Thanks for making our boys feel so special!  Staci in Ohio

Debbie, I received my order and the pillowcases are adorable!  Thank you very much - I will be sure to recommend your work!  Now I have adorable, personalized keepsakes for my flower girls at my wedding!  Laura from Florida

I just received the tooth fairy pillow and it is absolutely precious!  My granddaughter is going to love it!  I have two ladies at work who are ordering, too.  Thanks again - I really love it!  Sharon from Texas

Hey there!  We just put Caden in his "big boy car bed" tonight with his incredible "big boy" race car pillow - HE LOVED IT ALL!!!  The pillowcase absolutely made the set!  Thank you so much again for your wonderful work!!!  Staci in Ohio

I received the horse tooth pillow today, and it is wonderful!  Thank you so much for offering such a great product.  Alpa in Texas

I just want you to know it's nice to deal with such a nice company!  Kim in New York

Thanks for your quick responses and great customer service!  Kim in Illinois

I recently came across your website in search of tooth fairy pillows.  I absolutely love how unique they are!  April in Ohio

Thank you for your quick shipment of the pillowcases.  I appreciate the speediness, especially around the holidays.  They look great!  I plan on visiting your site and ordering more in the future!  Mary in Georgia

Debbie, our daughter was so happy about the tooth pillow, I'm enclosing the thank you note she wrote to the tooth fairy.  It looks great (the pillow).  We will definitely refer you to our friends and family - thanks!  Tracey in California

Debbie, WOW - you are amazing!  I received the pillowcases today at my office.  That was so quick!  I know my daughter and the other cheerleaders will love the pillowcases.  Thank you so much!  I have already recommended your site to others in our office.  Tammy in Missouri

I received three Tooth Fairy Pillows today, which I ordered about a week ago.  I just want to tell you that they are adorable!  So, so cute!  I know the little ones will love them!  The bug one is perfect for my grandson Jacob, that just turned five.  I also ordered a ballerina one for Hannah, and a horse one for my granddaughter that loves horses.  They are perfect!  Too cute!  Thanks Debbie.  I'm a satisfied customer!  Karen in Ohio

We received the tooth pillow and letter this week for Mira Anne, and I just want to tell you how delighted we are with it!  We will share information about your website with our friends.  Sheryl in Michigan

Hi Debbie - I received the tooth pillows yesterday, and they are beautiful!  I know my nephews are going to love them.  Again, thank you very much.  Stacey in Maryland

THANK YOU so much for your creative gift!  I received my order the DAY my daughter's tooth fell out.  Is that perfect timing or what?  Needless to say, she was excited about her new tooth fairy pillow and even more excited the following morning when she saw a letter from the tooth fairy - fairy dust and all.  Thanks again!  Kate in Georgia

I received the tooth pillows today.  They are beautiful, and I thank you for getting them out so soon.  The tooth fairy letters are adorable, too - thanks again!  Dorothy in New York

Debbie, I received the customized pillowcase ... it is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you so much for creating this specially customized pillowcase for my sweetie.  I know that he will love it!  Members of my family admire your work and will order from you soon!  Thanks again!  Cheryl in Alabama

Debbie, I received the tooth pillows today and they are even more adorable than I could have ever thought possible - thank you!!  Lisa in North Carolina

Debbie, I got my order Friday - I could not believe my eyes!!  SOOOO cute and pretty and so fast!!  WOW!  I am thrilled with these wonderful pillowcases and am very proud to give them as gifts.  Tricia in Texas

Thank you so much for sending the tooth pillows out so quickly!  I ordered two, and they are both absolutely adorable!  My daughter loves hers and was very excited to receive the letter from the Tooth Fairy.  My son will receive his pillow soon when he begins to lose teeth.  I appreciate your prompt service and quality merchandise.  Carmen in Washington

I received the pillowcases over the weekend, and they turned out wonderful.  This is my second time ordering and I have been very pleased both times!  Keep up the good work!!  Shannon in Indiana

I just opened the pillowcases for Braden and Olivia, and they are soooooooooo cute.  I just had to tell you that!  Every time I see your work, I am so impressed.  I wish I could buy them all.  Deneen in California

Thank you so very much for the cute, cute pillowcase.  Emily loved it!  Also a big thanks for the super fast shipping.  We will definitely order from you again!  Karen in Virginia

Just wanted to let you know that I received all three tooth fairy pillows yesterday.  They are absolutely darling!  I love how you put the names on each one.  The kids will love them, too - thanks so much!  Terrilyn in West Virginia

I have two of your travel pillows for my daughters.  They get washed almost weekly, and they are holding up very nicely ... the girls love them!  I've had them for a couple of years and they still look great.  They are perfect for long trips in the car.  Sheri in Oklahoma

Just wanted to let you know I got the custom party invitation pillowcases, and everything looks great!  I think people will be pleased at the party this weekend!  Lisbi in New Jersey

Your designs are the best I've seen on the web!  I can't wait for my kids to see them!  Tonya in Alabama

Debbie, the pillows that I just ordered a couple of days ago arrived at my office this morning.  I am totally thrilled with them!  My granddaughters are going to be so happy.  Thank you for the prompt service!  Karen in New York

Thank you for the tooth pillows - I love them!  Linda in New Jersey

Thank you for my order!  It arrived yesterday in perfect condition.   Barbara in Illinois

I received the Cheer pillows the other day and they are great!  I love them!  Thanks soooo much!  Marli in Georgia

Just wanted you to know that I gave the pillows to my friend who is having twins, and they were the hit of all the gifts.  She absolutely loved them!  Just thought I would let you know.  They turned out so cute!  Rhonda in Virginia

Debbie, I just want to give you a big "THANK YOU!" for processing my rush order for the custom Cheerleader travel pillowcases.  I appreciate it and so did the girls.  They were so happy to receive them at the competition in Vegas!  Muriel in California

I wanted to let you know we got the "Heart Candy" pillowcases and they are just the most adorable things EVER!!!!  All "three" of my boys will LOVE them - it's the perfect Valentine's Day surprise!!!  Thank you for adding your creative personal touch to them....they're wonderful!!!  Staci in Ohio

I just love your creations and plan on ordering some more pillowcases for my boys' birthdays!  Betsy in Mississippi

Hi Debbie - I wanted to thank you for your quick turnaround on the tooth fairy pillows.  They look great!  Sherry in Pennsylvania

Just a quick note to let you know that we are thrilled with Marlee Rose's tooth fairy pillow!!!  Back when my daughter was a little girl, I made her one and we wanted to continue our tradition ... with your help, it's done and so beautiful!  Dolly in Florida

Hi Debbie!  Just wanted to let you know that I received the pillows.  They are perfect!  Thank you again for your help!  Diana in New York

I just wanted you to know that we received our pillows and Santa letters for our two children.  We appreciate all the hard work you have done on these items.  They are just great and very practical.  My two children love the pillows and are excited about losing their teeth now.  Thank you very much!  I am sharing your websites with others over here in Germany.  Thanks again!  Lori in Germany

Hi Debbie - we got the Santa letter.  Ryan's eyes absolutely lit up!  Thank you so very much for making my children's holiday so special!  Staci in Ohio

Our school and lower grade sports departments thank you for this fundraiser.  Without it, we couldn't have had a basketball team for K - 1st, or 2nd - 3rd!  Wendy in North Carolina

Hayden's tooth fell out last night.  I had not given him his tooth pillow yet, since your adorable letter from the Tooth Fairy said she had heard he had just lost his tooth.  So my cover was that the letter came in the mail that day, and I put it aside because I knew the Tooth Fairy knew something that we didn't.  He was so excited!  Especially when he woke up this morning and asked me if the Tooth Fairy came.  I told him I didn't think so because we didn't hear her.  Then he looked under his pillow and nearly flipped!  He then explained to me that she was VERY quiet because we were all sleeping.  THANK YOU so much for making that first tooth so special!  Cindy in Tennessee

Debbie, I saw you at a craft show several years ago and bought some pillows from you.  This summer, we met my brother and his family in Colorado.  My niece had a broken leg, so they brought a wagon and had the 2 pillows that I had given her in the wagon.  We pulled her all over Colorado, and everywhere we went, someone made a comment about the pillows - where did she get them, etc.  I thought that was special.  Of course, I told them about you and your website!  Shirley in Arkansas

I received my order today and am thrilled with it!  It's even nicer than the product picture!  My granddaughter will be so happy with it, and I just know she'll have wonderful cheerleader dreams every night!  I'll be making more purchases in the future, and thanks for the e-coupon!  Diane in North Carolina

Got the pillowcases - they are great!  Thank you for the tooth pillows, too.  My boys love them!  Tracey in Australia

Thank you so much, Debbie, for sending the 3 tooth fairy pillows to me that I forgot to come back for at the show.  You'll hear from me again!  Rita in Ohio

Thank you!  Thank you!  We received our Train pillowcase yesterday, and couldn't have been more pleased.  It is absolutely darling!  We gave it to our two-year old for a birthday present yesterday, and he was sooooo thrilled with his first Big Boy pillow!  Kim in Wisconsin

I received the tooth fairy pillow today that I ordered through the mail, and I want to thank you very much.  It is absolutely adorable!  Barbara in California

Thank you so much - my son loves the book!  Racheal in Virginia

Thanks so much, Debbie.  I am sharing your website with all my Grandmother friends!  Phyllis in Dallas

Jackie's ceramic tooth box arrived this morning.  Thank you for making my little girl happy!  Jeff in Florida

I ordered from you 3 years ago, and you were just as pleasant then as you are now.  Thank you ... it's nice to know there are nice business people in this world!  Melanie in Pennsylvania

Thanks for your courtesy.  The pillow arrived today and I know Lisa and her parents will love it.  I'll be calling on you again!  Madeline in Dallas

I just received the Cheerleading pillowcase and I'm very, very happy with it.  I just can't tell you how pleased I am and wanted to let you know that!  Donna in Florida

Thank you again for all you have done with our fundraiser - we raised more than we thought we could.  This has been a great thing for our Soccer team.  Not only were we able to meet our goals, but we also met the older teams' goals, too!  I'm looking forward to working with you on another fundraiser in the Fall - parents are already asking about it!  Wendy in North Carolina

I'm excited to get the Allsport tooth fairy pillow for my son.  Thank you for such a cute creation!  Naomi in North Dakota

The Easter Bunny letters have been the hit of Spring in my family.  I have recommended your website to several people, so I hope they are supporting your efforts.  Have a Blessed Easter Season!  Jen in Georgia

Thanks a million - I really, really appreciate your service.  God bless you!  Tina in Dallas

Debbie, thank you for all the little things you do - Happy Easter!  Wendy in North Carolina

Thank you so much for the personalized Santa letter!!  My daughter Tori was THRILLED (to say the least!).  She's only 2 1/2, but it meant the world to her ... she told everyone she knows that she got a letter from Santa.  I will definitely keep you guys in mind for future gifts!  Tracy in Ohio

I can't even begin to tell you how ecstatic my 3-year-old son was to get the personalized letter from Santa.  He is finally at the age where he is excited about Santa (and understands the gift deal!), and was SO thrilled to get the letter.  Thank you!  Staci in Ohio 

Thank you for the letter from Santa.  My grandsons felt very special, and couldn't wait for me to read it.  They take very good care of it and love reading it over and over.  RheaLene in Colorado

I want to thank you so, so much.  My kids really think Santa wrote to them!  Michelle in West Virginia

I love your website!  I'll be back soon to order more personalized books.  Jada in Canada

Debbie, thanks for all you do!  Julie in Michigan

My son loves your letters!  Tiffany in Tennessee

You have wonderful products - thank you for the cute tooth pillows!  Michelle in Maine

The tooth pillow arrived just in the nick of time.  It was delightful, and the Tooth Fairy found Gary's tooth very easily!  Rose Marie in California

Thank you for the Santa letter.  I think this is wonderful, and what a great keepsake!  Alicia in Texas

I love the tooth pillows and always get compliments on them!  Amy in Ohio

Thank you very much and keep up the wonderful work - we love your products!  Ann in Pennsylvania

I just received the pillowcases - they are beautiful!  Nancy in Florida

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you did for us on our fundraiser this year.  Everyone loves the pillowcases!  I don't know how you did them so fast, but I can't wait to work with you again next year!  Amy in Georgia

This is my first time ordering through you.  I LOVE your updates and am sure I will be pleased.  Thank you for being a caring seller.  Denise in New York

Just a little note to say I received the tooth fairy pillow, and my daughter was so excited - I was very pleasantly surprised!  The whole package, including the free personalized letter from the tooth fairy, was perfect - and the fairy dust was a wonderful touch.  This was the first time I have ever ordered from the internet, and it was perfect.  Thank you so much.  I am sure you make a lot of children and parents very happy.   Lee-Ann in Canada

I like everything about your website and look forward to purchasing more items from you in the future. - Tara in Georgia

Just a little thank you for sending out the tooth fairy pillow.  Ryan loves it!!!  Since he's a little too young to understand the concept of baby teeth coming out (he's not yet three), he has been using it as a pacifier holder!  It's PERFECT!  And I don't have to worry about searching for one in the middle of the night for him - we just leave one in the pillow's pocket!!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.  Staci in Ohio

I just want you to know that we love your products and plan to keep purchasing from you.  Shawn in Kentucky

I wanted you to know that I received Will and Sam's pillowcases last Tuesday and they LOVE them! They are so cute. Your drawings are so adorable.  It's funny, Sam is only 15 months old, but he knew it was a pillowcase even before I put it on a pillow.  He laid his head on it and smiled and closed his eyes.  I will definitely be ordering more in the future.  Deneen in California

I received the books on Saturday, thanks so much.  They came out great!  Cheryl in New York

I received my order Saturday and wanted to let you know I was very pleased.  They are really cute and I am sure will be a big hit with the girls!!  Thanks so much for a wonderful and speedy job!  Karen in Alabama

My daughter LOVED the tooth fairy pillows I had you send for her children.  I'll be placing another order soon.  Thank you again.  Mel in Texas

Thank you for sending the pillowcases I ordered for my sons.  They will be receiving them in their Easter baskets, and I know they will be excited to have them.  We gave my older son one of your tooth fairy pillows last Christmas and he snuggles up with it every night.  He usually sandwiches it between his head and his arm and falls asleep with it that way.  We love your work!  Laura in Georgia

I ordered my items from you on Saturday and received them on Monday.  I was glad to get them so soon.  Now I know if I need a last minute gift, I have an option with your company.  (I ordered an item from a different company the second week in December, and I still have not received it.)

I'm amazed that when I e-mail a question, I get a response in just minutes.  What a great website!!!  RheaLene in Colorado

My 2-year-old just loves her princess pillow!  Nancy in Missouri

Debbie, add me to your list of Testimonials!!!  Wow, was that fast service or what!!!  I just ordered 10 pillowcases and they came sooooo quickly!!!  I also cannot say how PLEASED I am with the quality of the cases!!!  I don't know what I was expecting - but you have exceeded my expectations!!  Just to let ya know - You'll keep me on the "Coolest Auntie" list cause I always give the 9 Nephews and Nieces the BEST gifts!!!  I have no doubt about it this year thanks to you!!!  Thanks Again!  Julie in Mississippi

Thanks - I love your products!  Laurie in Texas

We have so many of your personalized items, from pillowcases to books.  I changed the beds yesterday and put all their pillows in a Sharp Creations pillowcase.  I just love them!  Tracie in Indiana

The pillows arrived Saturday - they are adorable!  Thank you so much!  Sonie in Indiana

My grandsons have 9 of your pillowcases and won't leave home without them!  Cindy in Texas 

I love your pillowcases - they are great gift ideas!  Thank you for your products!  Amanda in Texas

Just want you to know that the personalized Spider-Man book I ordered for my nephew is just the cutest!  I haven't given it to him yet, but I am very impressed with the quality of the book.  I'm sure that Shawn will love it, too.  Thank you for getting it to me so quickly!  Patti in Missouri

I've forwarded your web page to a ton of my friends and I will be ordering more pillowcases for family as gifts.  Thanks again - the kids LOVE them, too!  Sally in New Jersey

In the past, I have bought two of the small pillows for my grandsons to use at daycare because the "cubby holes" were too small for regular pillows.  They are no longer in daycare, but still sleep with them at night.  Now I need to get one for my granddaughter who is almost two.  Carol in Indiana

I love your products!  My girls love to see their names on their pillowcases and they love to give them as gifts!  Thanks for all the hard work!  Melanie in Pennsylvania