Santa Claus is by far the most loved character that young children grow to know, because he fills them with wonder at how he somehow knows exactly what they want for Christmas.  From truly customized letters to an authentic Santa Key, we have several novelty items to offer that will thrill your little ones and keep them believing in Santa for a long time to come!

A Letter FROM Santa!

The experience and memories of an authentic Santa Letter can last a lifetime, for both parents and children.

A customized, truly personalized letter from Santa Claus is one simple family tradition that means so much to so many families.  When a child, anticipating the most magical time of the year, poetically writes a heartfelt letter to Santa Claus, there is no doubt in his or her mind that the letter will be delivered.  But to have Santa Claus write back personally???  PRICELESS!!!

Using our simple online Santa Letter designer, you can easily personalize your letter in minutes.  There are so many variations to choose from - 44 to be exact - so have fun picking out just the right one for your little elf! 

As always, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed and you can even preview your letter before checking out.  Just click on the Santa envelope above to preview and order your personalized letter from Santa Claus!  Customized Santa Letters are $9.95.

A Letter TO Santa Kit!
(Kit includes enough supplies to send 4 letters to Santa)

Our Letter to Santa cards are officially registered at the North Pole and sent to you by Santa himself.  He's awaiting your reply!  Your little one's Christmas wishes will be delivered via "Registered Mail", and can be filed on record - guaranteed!

Your Kit includes:

* Four 8.5"x11", 65lb. heirloom-quality linen paper cards, just like Santa writes his letters on

* Four handmade address labels, pre-addressed to Santa at his North Pole address, which is the SAME address used when you order a letter FROM Santa.  These address labels are NOT adhered to the envelopes, so your child can enjoy the final step of addressing the letter to Santa!

* Four bright red metallic glamour envelopes

You can choose to stamp and mail the letters, or you can keep them as a sweet holiday memento.  These high quality cards will make beautiful keepsakes. 
Just click here or on the Santa letters above to order your Letters to Santa Kit.  Just $9.99.

Official North Pole Nice List Certificate

Deep down, every child worries they might not be on Santa's Nice List.  With this certificate, they'll be thrilled to know they 'made the cut"!  Just $7.95.

Santa's Magical House Key!

This is not a toy key.  Hand cast from Old Forge Pewter by Wendell August, this magical key comes complete with a red silk ribbon nestled in a black velvet-lined collector's box specifically made for this oversized 5" key.  Use it to unlock your child's imagination.  The quality of this special key is one of an authentic heirloom, sure to be passed down for generations to come!  Just $24.99.

How It Works

This is Santa's Magic Key.  It only works for him.  Be sure to use it properly so he can come on in.

Hang it on your front door knob at night on Christmas Eve.  Then go to bed and close your eyes and make sure you believe.



The Key to Christmas!
6" Pewter Key
Heirloom Quality with Velvet Collector's Box


Long ago and far away, God sent a baby boy, cradled in a manger to fill the world with joy.  God sent him for a reason, a journey was in mind, to show us how to live our lives and save all of mankind.  He sent him with this message for His children needed help.  Put God before all others and love your neighbor as yourself.  You never should judge others if you choose not to be judged, and that there's nothing perfect except God's grace and love.  This is the key to Christmas to hang high upon your tree - to not forget what really counts, and keep God close to thee!  Just $19.99.




Evidence Kit

The Santa-Clues Evidence Kit is packed with authentic proof of Santa's visit!

When it comes to Santa Claus, children are very smart and will recognize a cheap imitation immediately.  That's why the utmost attention has been paid to every detail in this Official North Pole Santa-Clues Evidence Kit.  These Santa-Clues are an ingenious way to convince your kids that Santa made a personal visit to your home.

Think back and remember how magical it was when you believed in Santa and anticipated seeing those special presents under the tree. This season, enchant your children with the Santa-Clues kit, complete with everything you need to make it look like Mr. Claus stopped by at midnight.  Here's what the Evidence Kit includes (small parts not suitable for children under age 4).  Santa-Clues Evidence Kits are $24.99.

Santa's Glove is an authentic white glove that Santa must have removed to eat the snacks left for him by your children.  Glove is made of cotton and sized to fit Santa's hand.

Santa's Eye Glasses are wire-framed glasses just like Santa wears and can be placed anywhere Santa may have left them.  These glasses will pass even the most skeptical child's inspection!

Santa's Toy List is an antiqued-looking scroll where you can write your toy list and the Sleigh Bell is a special gift Santa left for your child.

Santa's Torn Piece of Suit and Large Coat Button was accidentally left behind when he came down your chimney!

Rudolph's HoofPrint and Santa's BootPrint Stencils will help you design a reindeer hoofprint, as well as a left and right foot bootprint of an unmistakable Santa boot once you sprinkle the magic snow in them.

Magic Snow Crystals is a magical mix of white snow and glittering 'ice crystals' taken directly from the North Pole and placed in a convenient shaker to easily sprinkle over Rudolph's hoofprint and Santa's bootprint stencils.  Each shaker will make about 10 hoofprint/bootprint impressions.

Santa's Sleigh License is a genuine-looking novelty Sleigh Driver's License issued to Santa Claus from the North Pole Department of Public Safety.  Santa's License looks completely real because its design was based on an authentic state-issued driver license!

Full Instructions are included, suggesting ways to get the most out of this magical holiday occasion. 

Heirloom Quality with Satin Collector's Box
Can be Passed Down for Generations!

This is an actual 'out of service' Christmas bell taken directly from Rudolph's sleigh harness :)  Here is the "I Believe" poem, written by Holly Reagan, that accompanies the bell:

When you believe in Santa's Sleigh and Miracles on Christmas Day - that the North Pole is full of tiny elves who make the toys and stock the shelves - that magic happens Christmas Eve when you hear the jingle and believe, then you're lucky through and through, because when you believe, your dreams come true! 
Just $19.95 for this heirloom.

The Night Before Christmas Book


Autographed and Personalized Hardback "Night Before Christmas" Book (Classic Edition) with protective book cover.

8"x10" Autographed Picture of Santa with clear laminate protective cover.

And ALL Delivered in a Giant Red Metallic Bubble Mailer - $29.99

Makes Fluffy Artificial Snow
in Seconds!

Just add water to the powder and it instantly erupts into amazing artificial snow that looks and feels like the real thing.  Non-sticky and non-clumpy, Frosty's Magic Snow is the only brand of snow polymer that actually erupts into a fluffy white powder.  It doesn't melt, it's long-lasting, and it's even re-usable after it dries out.  Perfect for holiday decorating!

How does it work?

Technically, itís a superabsorbent polymer, but it looks and feels like the real thing.  Itís so realistic that itís being used in indoor snowboarding parks and by special effects artists in movies.  Just mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of Frosty's Magic Snow powder and within seconds, the liquid turns into a solid and then erupts into a fluffy white, snow-like material (no mixing required).  Watch in amazement as it instantly expands up to 100 times its original volume.

Includes mixing instructions to mix-up a perfect batch every time. Recommended for children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.  There are 4 sizes to choose from:

  • 1 oz tube ($3.99) = 1 quart of snow

  • 4 oz bag ($14.99) = 2 gallons of snow

  • 8 oz bag ($24.99) = 4 gallons of snow

  • 16 oz bag ($34.99) = 8 gallons of snow


Postcards from Santa All Year 'Round!

Postcards are great anytime of the year - birthdays, graduation, behavior reminders, holidays - the possibilities are endless.  Why not share Santa during the year, too?